Happy Hour

What happens when you combine 3 hour surf sessions, sun drenched beaches and Pina Colada’s= Me Happy for Many Hours! I have been enjoying quite a few of these frosty little beverages and attached an amazing recipe for anyone else that is interested. I may be missing the mark on the skinny jean challenge by indulging…

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Fly with me…

Woke up to another beautiful sunny day and felt some colour was in order. Since I was still suffering from a sunburn I chose a loose orange chiffon, tie-dye patterned tunic and a camel coloured dungaree utility skirt, both compliments of JOE Fresh. To compliment the orange I chose turquoise accessories, and my Marc Fisher…

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Finding Nemo

In my excitement of finally being in a sun soaked environment, I forgot a key ingredient- Sunscreen. I find heat stroke to be an interesting experience, it’s very similar in symptoms to a flu that I might have caught if I stayed in the Calgary snowstorm. Also the element of trying to wear clothing that doesn’t feel…

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Island Time

I haven’t been able to blog as of late since I was getting ready for some island time. We arrived in Maui yesterday and I would have posted had I not fallen asleep at 7:30 (the time difference was a bit of a party killer). We’re staying in a great neighbourhood in Kihei, complete with…

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Gopher Day

Ok… this is the part of the blog that gets gritty,  definitely more the Camo part of C&C. However it’s part of who I am and I feel the need to share, for anyone it offends- my apologies. Last fall I bought a Diamond Razor Edge compound bow and started practicing at the archery range,…

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Just Roll with It

I have a few trips coming up in the following months so I am in need of new luggage. My previous luggage I chose purely for style at the time, bright butterfly covered- Paris Hiltonesque suitcases that I am realizing I may have grown out of and the cat may have shredded to help me…

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