Pineapple Express

Since I am on a cooking strike this week, I figured a drink recipe would be a nice change. I am counting down the days until Hawaii and a friend who is currently there keeps taunting me with photos and regaling the daily weather forecast. She told me about a pineapple martini she found that…

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Spots or Dots?

What a hectic week this has been! Working long days is really throwing a wrench into my blogging plans. With my birthday this week, I decided to take a sabbatical from cooking so there are no recipes to share…what’s left is me playing dress up and finding delight in all my spring and summer wardrobe…

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Country Strong

What a great weekend so far… My family was in town to jointly celebrate my dad and my birthday’s (they are a day apart). ¬†Which meant I got some time to do some birthday shopping and have some downtime with everyone. I’m not a city girl- I mean I think I’ve adjusted well but my…

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Farm Fresh Decor

Spring is in the air but I’ve been bringing it in to the house for a while now. I love the charm that chicken wire, reclaimed wood, homemade paper and rough burlap can do to accessorize a home. I’m not referring to old school country kitsch but the modern “farminista” version with modern elements of…

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Skinny Jean Challenge

Cindy Cupack (writer of Sex of the City) put it best when she wrote that, the “Hey Baby” weight was the weight you had to be at to date again or to have random men on the street call out to you… My girlfriend and I have instituted the Skinny Jean Challenge- every woman has…

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Luck of the Irish

Every year when it comes to celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day I realize I don’t own a stitch of green, I’m talking not even a t-shirt. It just doesn’t work for my skin tone… anyhow I ¬†decided to celebrate I would try something different, like baking a high calorie dessert. So to pay homage to the…

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