Apple-Butter Sundae

I was craving a chocolate sundae this weekend- which is odd because I am not an ice cream fan. For a twist I used this recipe and folded apple butter into the vanilla ice cream, topped off with chocolate sauce and warm chocolate-chunk cookies. A great craving killer for my cheat day.

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Rock that Body

Admittedly I have been having a difficult time breaking out of hibernation mode and bustin’ a move at the gym. My excuses range from “it’s too cold out” to ” I have to feed the cat”, but deep down the dread of my looming Maui surf trip and how out of shape I am is…

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Spring Fever

What happened to that pesky groundhog last week? I heard mention that there was ” No Shadow”, hence spring to follow in 6 weeks…. Yet I glance out of the the house to the frozen snow covered landscape and crave an end. Obviously my beach theme and drinking wine isn’t helping so today I turn…

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Bogle and Brad the Bachelor

For Part 2 of Accessible Wine paired with Inaccessible Men we have a one on one with Bogle’s Petite Sirah ($16). For those who don’t know a Sirah is a grape separate from the syrah/shiraz grapes. It is typically used for blending in wines but there are many vineyards in California that plant it predominantly…

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Surf and Sand

I think I need a vacation… I’ve looked around my house and realized that I’ve been purchasing or looking to purchase beachy items probably to subconsciously battle the relenting winter. I have found an enticing assortment of candles, pineapple, mango, pina colada ect to spark my senses and memory of warmer climates and sand between…

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Mongol Derby

Today I was offered one of the 35 spots in the Mongol Derby, a 1000km horse race that starts the beginning of August at an undisclosed area in the Steppes of Mongolia. The derby consists of changing horses every 40 km at Morin Urtuus – horse stations and continue the ride through the vast Mongolian…

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