Finding Nemo

In my excitement of finally being in a sun soaked environment, I forgot a key ingredient- Sunscreen. I find heat stroke to be an interesting experience, it’s very similar in symptoms to a flu that I might have caught if I stayed in the Calgary snowstorm. Also the element of trying to wear clothing that doesn’t feel…

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Island Time

I haven’t been able to blog as of late since I was getting ready for some island time. We arrived in Maui yesterday and I would have posted had I not fallen asleep at 7:30 (the time difference was a bit of a party killer). We’re staying in a great neighbourhood in Kihei, complete with…

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Gopher Day

Ok… this is the part of the blog that gets gritty,  definitely more the Camo part of C&C. However it’s part of who I am and I feel the need to share, for anyone it offends- my apologies. Last fall I bought a Diamond Razor Edge compound bow and started practicing at the archery range,…

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Just Roll with It

I have a few trips coming up in the following months so I am in need of new luggage. My previous luggage I chose purely for style at the time, bright butterfly covered- Paris Hiltonesque suitcases that I am realizing I may have grown out of and the cat may have shredded to help me…

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La Bella Vita

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” — Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City) Of course I write this tongue and cheek, I’m one of the biggest romantics you will ever meet. However life is busy these days and I’m finding it harder and harder with all of…

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I have often said my favourite job would let me wear jeans, sandals and a James Perse shirt of some variation (they are just so comfortable). This would be my utopia- I would still get to dress up on weekends though. There are so many companies doing a weekend/casual line such as J Crew, which…

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