I think I have a problem. Lately I’ve noticed Miss Lily has been dragging collectables (socks, slippers, fur items, hair elastics ect) from around the house back to her lair, AKA- my closet.  Looking at things I realize she may be confused as it currently resembled a den fit for an animal to occupy or…

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Fernie Fixings

We headed to Fernie for my bestie’s birthday and it was supposed to be a promising weekend of powder and mountain fun!….Except when we arrived it proceeded to rain for the next two days so we looked to the next best things the town have to offer. So after a day at Castle Mountain and…

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Midweek Sparkle

Did you know that the third Monday of January is dubbed the most depressing day of the year? It’s a combination of winter blah, Christmas debt and resolution hangover. So I am dedicating this post to some pretty pick me-ups. And finally after all the girly accessories- the best mood lifter? A fuzzy, furry friend…

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Homemade Baileys

What goes better with a cold morning and a cup of coffee or a warm fireplace and a glass of ice- that’s right Irish Cream, my beloved nectar of winter time. This Christmas I decided to make and distribute some Irish Cream with my own flare. Since it’s another weekend on the slopes I decided…

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Tunes for Your Turns

I’m a big fan of listening to music while I ski, it might not be the most polite thing to do while in the company of others but I always enjoy a good lineup as I’m driving to the hill or cutting up the slopes. We’re heading to the hill to enjoy some fresh snow…

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And the Snow Gods Smile…

On a last minute whim we decided to head to Fernie today for some skiing. With 48 cm in the last 2 days it was hard to resist.  We had to poach some lines because the bowls were closed due to “avalanche” hazards, but between you and me , I think they were delaying the…

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