Thinspirations Derailed

Keeping with the spirit of my resolutions and the blog I have something to confess… my New Years fitness/health plan was derailed today. Yes, I realized that it is only Jan 7th, but I’ve had my head in the game since Dec 30th so it’s been well over a week that I’ve been on my…

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Warm and Fuzzies

After a few days of warm weather (ok warm for Canadians), the thermostat is supposed to plummet into Siberian winter conditions. This leaves two things, me roaming my house getting cabin fever and craving comfy things I want to wrap myself with. Here are just a few of my favourite winter warm-ups. Bailey’s recipe to…

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Save Money on the Slopes

    After many years of possessing a season’s ski pass I now cringe every time I pay for a day pass at a resort that is usually an upwards of $75. I found the site where you can specify the day(s) and resort you want to ski at. You can save up to…

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So we started the “Body for Life” challenge; a fitness program kicked off by Mr. Bill Philips over ten years ago. It starts traumatically by taking a “before” photo and then three months later after hard work and perseverance you take your chiselled sculpture formally known as your body “after” picture. Don’t get me wrong-…

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2011- Year of the Rabbit!

It’s the New Year and what better time to take on a mountain of ¬†far-reaching goals and resolutions that most likely will be swiftly discarded in 2 to 3 weeks time. As always I faithfully write down my next years resolutions on the last week of each year. A year later I come back to…

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