Got Gold?

I’m preparing for a long weekend of sled skiing- for those of you unsure of what this is, it is using snowmobiles to access backcountry areas for the purpose of powder skiing. As much fun as it is, the smell of gasoline, the obnoxious high pitched whine of the engines and potential avalanche hazards does…

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La Maison Simons

When I worked in Quebec there was always one store that I couldn’t resist visiting and exporting vast quantities of goods back to Western Canada. Simons is a department store that set up shop in Quebec City in 1840 and has flourished since but mysteriously enough did not expand out of province, until I discovered…

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Bachelor Ménage à Trois

I know you are reading the title of this post thinking, “she’s gone a little too far with watching the Bachelor”, but no I am not as obsessive as our reality friend Michelle, I just picked a wine that  I could share with two men tonight since it is Valentine’s day- Gary and Brad (but…

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Mi Amore

I know it’s commercialized and somewhat cheesy but I decided to dedicate this post to Saint Valentine’s Day and all loveliness associated with it. Of course there had to be pink (and lots of it), cinnamon hearts, cute cards, love poems and flowers. To balance it out I also had to incorporate a book on…

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Apple-Butter Sundae

I was craving a chocolate sundae this weekend- which is odd because I am not an ice cream fan. For a twist I used this recipe and folded apple butter into the vanilla ice cream, topped off with chocolate sauce and warm chocolate-chunk cookies. A great craving killer for my cheat day.

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Rock that Body

Admittedly I have been having a difficult time breaking out of hibernation mode and bustin’ a move at the gym. My excuses range from “it’s too cold out” to ” I have to feed the cat”, but deep down the dread of my looming Maui surf trip and how out of shape I am is…

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