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We’re back from our weekend adventure in the rockies! With all the hiking and backpacking adventures this girls adventure was a relaxing change of pace.  We took on mountains, relaxed at the hot-springs, tried some new Canadian cuisine at the Maple Leaf followed by some great live music. The next morning we woke up to the first snowfall of the year followed by another day of spas, touring and more foodie adventures, all of which you can follow here on the TripleSpot App! Sounds like a whirlwind I know- but one full of relaxation 🙂

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It isn’t hard to find a place in or around Banff or Lake Louise to relax and take in the magnificent scenery and I’m happy to say I think we found some fun new spots to return to next time we’re back. I’m so happy to have partnered with TripleSpot to take on the Weekend Adventure and show you all a little bit of what Alberta has to offer. It’s truly a spectacular place and if you ever plan on touring or need some suggestions- I’d love to point out some things you don’t want to miss.  I’m even more excited because TripleSpot is giving you the chance to win a Weekend Adventure package as well!!

TripleSpot Contest

They are giving away a $2000 weekend adventure packages to 5 lucky folks!! 

So How To Enter To Be a Weekend Adventurer:



So the question is what would you do on your weekend adventure? Let us know here! Be sure to enter, I’ll be surfing TripleSpot looking for some new inspiration and suggestions on where to go next!

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