Twin Butte General Store

Twin Butte General Store

I love nothing better than taking a trip and investigating a potential destination or venture off the beaten path to find a jewel in the rough, and the Twin Butte General Store definitely lives up to it’s reputation for great Mexican food.  Built in the 1930’s, this store evolved into the community hub and has now been revived to a restaurant, general store and mercantile. It also boasts live music most weekends throughout the year.

I was first intrigued to hear about the store and planned a visit to Waterton National Park with an intended stop along the way. But as timing would have it, the weekend we planned to venture down, the evacuation notice had been issued to the park for the impending Kenow Forest Fire. Even with the change of plans we decided to make a run for it, the smoke and wind was brutal, you could taste grit and ash in your mouth as if you were sitting right next to a campfire. But once inside the charming little store, we had the best Mexican dishes I can remember in a long time.

Sampling the Pulled Pork and Pineapple Tacos and Smothered Burritos, the portions were massive and very fresh. With the original owner being from Southern California, they definitely have brought authenticity to their menu! Overall, the drive was well warranted and if you are looking to have a stop on your way to the park once it’s open again, I would highly recommend driving through Twin Butte to get there.

Twin Butte Store Twin Butte General Store Twin Butte General Store

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