Stampede Throwback

Sometimes the best outfits are beg, borrowed and stole, figuratively speaking… As we round the bend into the last weekend of Stampede, it’s natural to start pulling out some old standby’s or wondering what to wear.  Nothing in this outfit featured is new, well except the refurbished western belt earrings that were generously sent to me from A Farmer’s Trophy Wife. If you would like yourself a pair you can contact her at @thefarmerstophywife on IG or Facebook, I believe they are $20 a pair.

But back to my story of mixing vintage western pieces with items you already have in your closet. I ransacked my parents stash that was packed away in the basement. (ok mom willingly brought the box out for me to go through) However it led me to combine an old buckle of hers with my dad’s old hunting belt. Along with some vintage jewelry and this gorgeous Rebecca Taylor dress I borrowed from a friend, my Stampede Throwback outfit was created. So if you’re struggling to pull together a look or two for the final four days, I say try a remix with some of your existing pieces or swap with friends for a refreshed look. You never know the fun looks you can come up with and I love that every piece I’m wearing has it’s own story.


Vintage Western Vintage Western Vintage Western Vintage Western Vintage Western Vintage Western