• Parajumper

    Conquering Winter with Parajumpers

      Back in December I arrived home from Australia to temperatures that settled into a deep freeze setting that would have most people hopping another plane south or just burrowing into their sweatpants and hibernating until spring. It instantly got me down- I wanted to keep up my routine enjoying getting out and continuing with…

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  • Rottnest Island

    Swim Suits For Your Next Beach Vacation

    As exciting as the thought of packing for a warm weather vacation seems to any person in a northern climate in the middle of January, I think it’s safe to say that finding the right bathing suit fills any woman over the age of 30 with a bit of trepidation.  See~ we just went through…

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  • Favourite Toques

    My Favourite Touques for Winter

    Fox Pom Pom Touque- Simons (in-store only) Toque, Tuque or Touque?? Well I admit, I spent a fair amount of time researching what the “proper” spelling of our beloved Canadian beanie should be. Alas CBC news posted a vote back in 2013 and 44% of the population said it should be Touque, just beating out…

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  • Starting a Blog

    Starting a Blog?.. Learn from My Mistakes!!

    Since starting the blog in January 2011, I often get asked or emails of how people can blog themselves. My answer is usually simple and straightforward- You just start and figure the rest out from there! The great thing is, if you google search “How to Start a Blog” it will usually send you to…

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