• Grizzly Balls

    Grizzly Balls

    Many days when I’m on the go, I just need a little pick me up to get me through a long morning of meetings, or rushing from the office to home and then back out for evening activities. Trying to limit bad choices I’ve started making these no bake peanut butter balls. Well I know…

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  • Sequin Dress

    Sparkle and Shine

    Sequin Dress (Similar Here) | Canyon Boot Rugs | Foxy Fur Scarf Sequins are just one of those things you want to keep in your closet for NFR and the holidays- kind of like having a bottle of Bubbles in the fridge for just in case type of situations. Vegas demands some glitz and glamour and…

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  • Cozy Neutrals

    Getting R.A.W with Biolage

    I’ve tried to make the switch the last few years to using organic or natural- origin skin and haircare products as much as possible. After “cleaning” up my beauty products, I’ve have noticed healthier and ultimately happier skin and hair. So when I saw Biolage’s new R.A.W. standing for Real. Authentic. Wholesome line of products,…

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  • Boot Rug Giveaway

    NFR Giveaway with Boot Rugs!!

    Durango Boot Rugs |  Denim Ruffle Shirt |  Leather Fringe-NFR Clear Clutch NFR is fast approaching ladies! And with that comes the fantastic fashion and the angst of the NFR bag regulations. If you’re planning on attending you most definitely want to brush up on the clear bag policy here. And even though I won’t…

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