• Cedar & Sage Farm

    Cedar & Sage Farm

    Guys, today I’m so very excited to introduce you to Cedar & Sage Farm and the creative talent and owner behind it, Lindsey Jepson. The funnier bit of kismet, our paths had crossed a few years before (sort of), when I viewed a home she and her husband had renovated. It was divine- Modern Farmhouse…

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  • Twin Butte Store

    Twin Butte General Store

    I love nothing better than taking a trip and investigating a potential destination or venture off the beaten path to find a jewel in the rough, and the Twin Butte General Store definitely lives up to it’s reputation for great Mexican food.  Built in the 1930’s, this store evolved into the community hub and has now been…

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  • Hydration Savers

    Post Summer Hydration Savers

    This hot, dry summer definitely seems to have taken it’s toll on my skin and hair. Maybe it was all the smoke and gunk in the air from the forest fires, but towards the end of August, I started to feel my skin was parched beyond belief and my hair was starting to feel a…

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  • Cashmere and Camo Floral Dress

    Lazy Labour Day

    Floral OTS Dress | Highway Hat | OTK Boots Could it be? The last unofficial day of summer is here! Yikes, this summer has just flown by and we’ve had a tremendous time but part of me feels a little melancholy we are switching gears into fall. But the cooler mornings have me grabbing a…

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