Brandy Faris of Cashmere & Camo
Meet Brandy

Cashmere & Camo was founded by Brandy Faris to share a glimpse into her sometimes contradictory lifestyle. An ode to all those with one foot in the concrete jungle and their hearts set in the country, Cashmere & Camo is a culmination and celebration of western life and style with an adventurer’s heart. Because we believe that life is short, surround yourself with things you love (like all the cowboy boots), break the rules and never regret anything that made you smile.

  • Positano Linen Beach Dress

    Fresh Linen

      This spring has been hovering on the edge of blooms and blossoms for almost a month. I swear everytime I plan a spring outfit or try and get out into the yard it starts snowing once again! But if the historic weather patterns of May follow suit, hopefully greener, lusher days are on the…

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  • Jasper PJ Party

    A Weekend at the Jasper PJ Party

    Most of us consider lingering in our pj’s a little longer on the weekend a complete indulgence, now picture being able to do this an entire weekend at a luxury resort set in the Canadian Rockies? Don’t pinch yourself, this isn’t a dream. The Jasper Park Lodge PJ Party is a long standing event held…

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  • Snakeskin Print

    Snakeskin Print for Spring

    This year I feel that I’m revamping my closet for a lighter, more neutral palette. I’m less inclined to the bright colors I’ve been drawn to in the past, but one thing that is still feeding my love of patterns yet stays in the lane of being a neutral is snakeskin print. It can be…

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  • Holiday Jumpsuit

    2019 Here We Go….

    2019, ok here we go… I’m not going to lie, 2018 nearly kicked my ass. From business to personal relationships, there were many times where I felt like I was in a blender unable to determine which way was up. But 2018 was also a year of accountability for me. Most likely if I’d previously…

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  • Chain Printed Shirt Dress

    Modern Chain Print

    This week between Christmas and New Years is always a blur for me. I rarely know what day I’m on, can’t count the number of days my hair is on dry shampoo or when I last changed out of my sweatsuit #ootd for reasonable adult attire. And when compared to the blur of the busy season…

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  • Holiday Jumpsuits

    Holiday Jumpsuits

    Hosting for the holidays can be no joke! From the prep to the cleaning the last thing I want to be doing is running around the party in something uncomfortable, which is why I’ve been gravitating towards jumpsuits for my holiday wear versus a dress most times. I found this one with a 70’s vibe…

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