• Holiday Jumpsuit

    2019 Here We Go….

    2019, ok here we go… I’m not going to lie, 2018 nearly kicked my ass. From business to personal relationships, there were many times where I felt like I was in a blender unable to determine which way was up. But 2018 was also a year of accountability for me. Most likely if I’d previously…

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  • Chain Printed Shirt Dress

    Modern Chain Print

    This week between Christmas and New Years is always a blur for me. I rarely know what day I’m on, can’t count the number of days my hair is on dry shampoo or when I last changed out of my sweatsuit #ootd for reasonable adult attire.¬†And when compared to the blur of the busy season…

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  • Holiday Jumpsuits

    Holiday Jumpsuits

    Hosting for the holidays can be no joke! From the prep to the cleaning the last thing I want to be doing is running around the party in something uncomfortable, which is why I’ve been gravitating towards jumpsuits for my holiday wear versus a dress most times. I found this one with a 70’s vibe…

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  • NFR Fashion- Fringe Jumpsuit

    NFR Fashion- Fringe Jumpsuit

    Every year as soon as October arrives, I’m excited to see the latest in NFR Fashion inspiration from some of my favourite boutiques and western bloggers. And each year the outfits seem to get bigger and bolder which looks so fun in photos, but then I start wondering about the actual reality of wear these…

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