• Summer Hiatus

    Summer Hiatus

    Duster |  Lace Camisole Sorry for it being so quiet over here for the last little while! I felt like a mini hiatus was in order after Stampede. The lead up to getting Cow Town Style magazine out and then hosting our event took lots of work, was totally worth it, but honestly I just…

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  • Calgary Stampede

    Stampede Recap

    Turquoise Mini Dress | Quay Sunnies | Charlie 1 Horse Hat Well that’s a wrap on the 2017 Calgary Stampede! This year went across the spectrum from co-hosting our Cow Town Style Exhibition at Smithbilt Hats to my first pancake breakfast in well over 10 years and seeing it through the eyes of a two…

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  • Watering Holes

    Cow Town Watering Holes

    The last weekend of the 2017 Calgary Stampede is on our doorstep and it promises to be hot, hot, hot. If you’re looking to take in some of the events in or around the city, a cooling libation on a patio might be a good idea. Cow Town Style featured some noteworthy watering holes and…

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  • Vintage Western

    Stampede Throwback

    Sometimes the best outfits are beg, borrowed and stole, figuratively speaking… As we round the bend into the last weekend of Stampede, it’s natural to start pulling out some old standby’s or wondering what to wear.  Nothing in this outfit featured is new, well except the refurbished western belt earrings that were generously sent to…

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