My Summer List

Holy Moly- June is here. I almost can’t believe it! How is it that each year seems to speed up and go by a little faster than the last- madness I tell you! So I’m thinking about this summer and not wanting it to slip from my grasp, which means making plans and taking them…

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Blog Photos

Taking Blog Worthy Photos

The other day I stumbled across an old blog post from C&C- I mean like one of the OG’s. I cringed, despite the fact the blog was brand spanking new and it was virtually an online journal at that point with the only person looking at it probably being my best friend. The worst part-…

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Camping List

My Camping List

Well I think it’s safe to say that with Victoria Day and Memorial Day Long Weekends it’s officially camping season! Every year I seem to add to my camping wishlist with some item that makes life easier or enhances the experience of being in the great outdoors. Whether you’re backpacking or full on glamping, I…

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Vision Board

Why You Need A Vision Board

A few years ago when talking about goal setting, a friend told me I needed to build a vision board. Out of the conversation, I realized that while I was structured within the parameters of planning my business, when it came to setting goals for myself personally I was definitely falling short. If you’ve read…

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Sheep Sanctuary

Jacket- Puffin Coat | Leggings- Polaris Pants One of the annual rituals we try to sneak in around the beginning of December is a visit to the Sheep River Sanctuary. Wintering habitat to bighorn sheep, elk, moose and deer, the gates to the road close Dec. 1st to allow for minimal disturbance to the animals. It’s…

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