Gift Guide for Him

Today I thought we’d throw out some of our suggestions on Christmas gifts to get those guys in your life. Whether outdoorsy, adventurous or a gadget guy, there are some fun affordable items that the men in your life can appreciate. 1. Give some #camolove with this snow camo hoodie from Branded Bull– $49.99 2….

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Amp Up Your Outdoor Photos

I believe a picture when done properly is worth a thousand words. Capturing a place, a moment and memory forever. With all the digital camera options out there today the possibilities to capture those moments are endless. But what makes the difference of a photo that you pass over quickly in your slide slow vs. one…

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Antler Ink

Getting inked is not high on my bucket list. My problem with it stems not from the fact that I don’t like tattoo’s. The finality of them freaks me out. I mean I have a hard time deciding on which nail polish to put on let alone deciding what tattoo would still hold meaning for me in 10 years down…

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Snowed Under

To all that have noticed I might be a little M.I.A in the last week, well we’re back! October blew by like nothing, I still can’t comprehend that last week I was decorating pumpkins in some gorgeous fall weather, to now shoveling snow and looking at the latest Christmas display of snowflake clad mugs as I grab my morning Starbucks. We…

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Antler Accents for the Home

  A touch of antlers can add a layer of intrigue to a rustic and relaxed setting, or eclectic to modern contemporary decor. Usually I showcase statement pieces for the home, but what about some subtle (ok maybe not so subtle) pieces of antler accents? A throw pillow here, or an obscure key holder as you walk through…

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