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Cow Town Style

Happy weekend All! I’m excited to share with you a little (big) project that we’ve been working on that is taking shape very quickly in the next few months. At the beginning of the year, I announced that on the list of goals for C&C was…1-To Showcase More Western Fashion, 2-Continue to Support Small and Local Businesses. I mean, I literally wrote,

Expect a little more western flair in our outfit posts this year. I’m enthralled with how far western fashion has evolved in the past year and it’s made me rethink how I want to style it in my everyday wear. I also live in Cowtown- I mean, there is so much western heritage here, I’m almost on a mission to show people how to wear it year round. I fear the more metropolitan the city becomes, the more people think cowboy boots are reserved just for those 10 days of Stampede each year.”

Fast forward a few months later and I’ve met Paige Callaway, an accomplished local designer here in Calgary that currently designs for her lines Pursue Victory and Paige 1912. Paige has an infectious enthusiasm and drive for the industry and once we started spitballing things, we knew something was to be done!

Cow Town Style

Paige Callaway- Designer, Girl Boss and Co-Founder of Cow Town Style

Which brings me to introduce you to Cow Town Style! A platform designed to collaborate and share western style through designers, vendors and storefronts. We plan on sharing western trends and lifestyle pieces with followers through a variety of bloggers, competitors and rodeo wives. Honestly we have so many talented designers and vendors up her in Canada, we can’t wait to share them with all of you! The first stop in this adventure, A Stampede Style Guide!

Our mission is to showcase local western fashion, give styling tips as well as sharing some of Calgary’s rich history of women who have helped shape the Stampede and  western culture in Alberta. As I said before, I believe that western style is something anyone can use to elevate their own individual look. It can be classy, beautiful, sometimes even sexy and unique versus some of the misconceptions that people may have come to see Stampede as, namely cutoffs and plaid shirts. Cow Town Style is an outlet to provide followers with ideas and inspiration of how they can elevate their Stampede style as well as use pieces in an everyday wardrobe. Head over to our instagram @cow_townstyle of find us on facebook at Cow Town Style Exhibition to get a daily dose of style as well as watching the Style Guide unfold in the next month! We’re so excited for what we come up with along with the rest of our #westerngang! I hope you all get a chance to head over and check it out and thank you to everyone for all their support <3

Also I’ll be updating the blog every so often with some CTS including what to expect, but make sure to mark your calendars for July 11th!! We’ve got our 1st fun event coming together in Cow Town and we’d love for you to make it, it’s gonna be a blast!!

Happy Weekend All!

Cow Town Style Cow Town Style Cow Town Style Cow Town Style

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