Fashion Resolutions

When I look back at my resolutions for 2012, they were a bit lofty, ok very lofty and disappointing. Mostly because we tried so hard to make them happen but alas sometimes that’s just how life works out. So this year I’m setting a minimum expectation, so that when December rolls around I can reflect on the small victories and not feel totally deflated. Over the years I’ve migrated to wearing mostly neutrals, I’ve been having a hard time with colour for some reason. So I think it’s time to give my wardrobe a colour infusion. But my fashion resolution for this year is more colour and heels. Before you could find me in heels all the time- heck I could do a 10 km marathon in them if needed, but when I hurt my back in 2010, the heels faded away for lots of flats and low-heeled boots. Which don’t get me wrong I love the look of, but I’m also 5’4″ and feel I need a little lift to give my outfits a little something, something. Maybe not trading in my flats completely but I’m going to try harder to work them back into the circuit. As for the big bling costume jewellery? I say bring it for 2013- especially since my eyesight is getting worse and my inner magpie seems to seek it out more and more every year…

y y y y

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