My Favourite Touques for Winter

Favourite ToquesFox Pom Pom Touque- Simons (in-store only)

Toque, Tuque or Touque?? Well I admit, I spent a fair amount of time researching what the “proper” spelling of our beloved Canadian beanie should be. Alas CBC news posted a vote back in 2013 and 44% of the population said it should be Touque, just beating out the other fan favourite Toque. I digress, but to the rest of the world- these little winter warmers are known as beanies. After going through the house doing some New Years organizing and cleaning- I was quite surprised at the bin of touques I’ve amassed.

As a kid- I hated putting one of these on, they were hot and usually itchy. Now I can’t seem to take them off when the temperature drops and the best part- you don’t have to bother with your hair, just put on a touque! So today, I thought I’d share some of my favourites out there this winter. I’m really loving the idea of a detectable pom pom as well to give some options for your touque game! Can you really ever have too many?

Favourite Toques

Soia & Kyo Cable Knit Hat with Removable Pom Pom $65


My Favourite Touques

Punchy Magnolia- Mom & Baby Touque Set- Made of Recycled Cashmere and Real Fur Pom Poms $198


Favourite Touques

Tuck Shop Trading Co. True North Buffalo Check Touque– $38

Check out their selection of City of Neighborhoods Touques!


Favourite Touques

Rollin’ J Ranch- Cashmere Pom Pom Beanie– Snap off Pom Pom to give options! $49

My Favourite Toques

Top Shop- Pearl Tip Faux Fur Beanie– $16.00


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