Holiday Hair

Holiday Hair

Holiday parties are in full swing now, and this year I want to step out of the box and try some different holiday hairstyles out other than my typical, au natural wavy look. From updos, braids to sleek, low rolls there are so many chic styles for even those such as myself that are hair impaired, or just lacking time to do a updo that takes 2 hours. So my favourites for the holidays are:


 The sockbun, maybe one of the easiest things to do and you won’t be worried that this hairstyle will fall flat within the first hour of your party. Try this tutorial.


The low roll, simple, chic yet still glam. Try this tutorial here. Photo from here.


I love this understated, pretty half back look tied with a ribbon. Style and curl as you normally would and look for some velvet or leather ribbon to wrap around your hair tie.


Glamorize a messy updo or ponytail with an embellished headband. I happen to love the ones Anthropologie has in store at the moment.