Lions, Skunks and Bears

Floral Bell Sleeve Top |  High-Rise Yoga Denim | Highway Hat

Country living can be colourful at times! Blame it on the eclipse but things got a little wild (literally) the other night at the house. After a pretty normal day, well minus the eclipse part, I settled in to watch some TV in the evening. As usual the dog took up residence on his favourite chair (yep he’s spoiled). Well all of the sudden, was snarling and snapping like there was a Grizzly Bear outside (which is entirely possible in our neighbourhood). I look out and see a cute, little juvenile skunk looking in the sliding glass doors and then making a hastey exit around the house.

For some reason lately, I have seen a plethora of skunks. Anyone else experiencing that this summer?? I don’t know if it was the buildup to the eclipse. But I have seen more skunks in a one week period than in all my previous lifetime… Hmmmm

But back to our little peeping Tom. At this point it’s getting dark, and I really don’t want the little stinker (pun intended) setting up shop under the front porch. I grab the flash light and go check. Yep, in the beam of my light he’s sitting right under the front steps squinting back at me. Not wanting him to get comfy or tell extended family of the cozy spot under the steps, I did what any rational person would do, I grabbed the hose, turned on the water and started spraying him.  Suffice to say, skunks, just like the cat- do not like that action. A little taste of the stinker’s own medicine hehe.

After the skunk had exited stage left from the porch, I went back to watch some TV. Next thing I know, the dog has started up again, this time on the other side of the house. I step out on the deck, listen into the darkness. A very odd, but loud sound is coming from the bushes. Is the skunk swearing out at me in his own tongue I wonder? Is it a distress call? Nope, this animal sounds BIG. After eliminating, moose, elk, deer and bears, I check cougar calls online and yep- Big Kitty in the backyard- yikes! However from the call, it sounded like a female looking for a friend, so chances are she’s definitely kept roaming.

So that was my wild adventure on eclipse night! All the activity could be the fact that Fall definitely feels in the air now, but I’m now considering giving safari tours around the property. And speaking of fall-  I found this bright blouse on sale at the Gap (they honestly have great sales on right now!) and love it as a transitional piece heading into the new season. Also I finally tried some High-Rise Yoga Jeans and can’t say enough good about the quality and fit. I may wear them everyday this fall and winter.

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