My Camping List

Camping ListWell I think it’s safe to say that with Victoria Day and Memorial Day Long Weekends it’s officially camping season! Every year I seem to add to my camping wishlist with some item that makes life easier or enhances the experience of being in the great outdoors. Whether you’re backpacking or full on glamping, I think some of these items would appeal to any type of camper, plus they might come in handy if you’re still looking for a father’s day gift 😉

  1. 1. Mutli-Purpose Mugs– Who wants to pack multiple cups for camping? When space is limited I love the Yeti Rambler for hot and cold beverages. And the stainless steel is durable and cleans up easy.

2. Comfy Camping Chairs– Doesn’t this Padded Club chair from Costco just make you want to curl up by the campfire with a coffee or good book?

3. Campfire Coffee– I still think these old school percolators still make the best camp coffee, and this one has the classic aesthetic that I love and it’s big enough for 8 cups so you don’t have to fight over who gets the first cup.

4. Cookstove– Cooking on a grill or campfire is great, but the options just blow wide open when you have an oven! I love this Coleman Portable Stove Oven from Costco.

5. Solar Device Charger– We live in a technological world and no matter how much we want to park that when we head out to the outdoors it might not be reality. Goal Zero makes a great selection of solar chargers from full gensets to this handy device recharger.

6. Camp Slippers– OK first off, these down booties are amazing. I first got them before I went in for surgery. They were the bomb in the hospital and now I wear them pretty much every day. The natural down regulates the temperature and there is a non-slip rubber sole which allows you to wear these around outside as well. Perfect for in the tent or around camp!

7. Soft Sided Cooler– A soft sided cooler is a great addition to camp life, especially if you are headed out for a day trip, or just have a few things for a night out camping. They are easier to pack than the bulking hard sided type and I love the retro styling of this one from Alite Designs.

8. Wine Bladder– Vino is hard to take camping, the bottles are bulky and heavy. Still want a glass of Merlot? Try this new take on the wine skin, the platypus wine preservation system.

9. Lighting and Bug Repellent- One thing I will not live without when camping is my Thermacell. But now you can kill two mosquitoes with one stone (hehe) with this Trailblazer Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern. Throw this on the table while cooking and hanging out and bugs be gone, it’s good for 15 x 15 foot area of coverage.


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