Overalls Obsessed

Spring Overalls

For the last two spring’s I admit I have been Overalls Obsessed. After reverting back to my favorite pair from high school (yeah no they didn’t fit) and some mild chastising from friends, an updated pair found their way into my closet and yes the love affair continues…

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate the first day I wore them, I can picture this distressed pair with lots of combinations for the spring and summer. Something about them makes me feel like a kid again and if you see me at the market this summer, I’ll most likely be in this.

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Kelly Sedinger

Those overalls look terrific! I’m a big fan of overalls, and those are great. Cheers! 🙂

lori abercrombie

Brandy you made my day! I just received some fabric in and I’m going to modify those ever so slightly to be a sure hit with the wee ones just getting started on overalls all the way up to the more sophisticated wearer! It will be a couple days but I’ll be sure to let you know!

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