Oversized Sweaters and Paints

Yesterday it was a clear, calm fall day. Fearing it would be one of the last before the snow came, I thought it would be a good time to get some pics of Okie and myself. Taking some inspiration from this post, I wore an oversized Navajo print sweater with waxed jeans from Joe Fresh and lace up boots from Ruche.

My model was not ready for a photo shoot in the least. I arrived to find her covered in mud and grumpy that I had pulled her away from dinner. Once the camera was set up, she was content to graze and NOT look at the camera, any attempt at posing made either one of us look goofy or annoyed. So I just gave up and had some fun by myself while the model kept eating and eating.



Thanks! Being a shopper for others would definitely save my wallet!


Thanks Suzie! I saw your instagram from Scotland, can’t wait to see the post!!


The outfit looks great! Love your headstall…it would look good on my grey mare.


Haha, I think you’ll be stealing that headstall soon! I had to get a picture of it at least 🙂

Raquel - Horses & Heels

These are great shots despite Okie not wanting to participate : ) Sometimes candid shots look great & besides she makes a great background model!


Haha, yes she started as a model and ended up being a prop, after her rubbing against me I finally just ended up leaning up against her!

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