Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade 1

Truth beknown I’m a horrible hostess. Come to my house and if you side track me by asking about a picture on the wall or a new antler art piece, I’ll be off talking on a tangent and you might very well be left sitting empty-handed for a while. Unless you make yourself at home or start exploring the kitchen; then it turns into a “glasses are on the right of the stove and help yourself to what’s in the fridge” type of adventure for most.

And since we’ve officially stopped drinking soda’s or pop since the New Year, it’s very unlikely you’ll find any canned beverages in our pantry, so I’m always on the lookout for a refreshing drink if people stop in and they are lucky enough to get served 🙂  I found this Raspberry Lemonade recipe since I had lots of lemons and raspberries to use up before we take off on vacation. I liked this recipe because it doesn’t have as much sugar as some of the others I encountered. Plus you can add a splash of vodka and make a great patio drink for yourself or anyone you feel like sharing with. If you have extra raspberries you can do a fun garnish with some rosemary to make it look like you really are “the hostess with the mostest” 🙂

Raspberry Lemonade 2