Short Hair For Spring

Short Hair















{ Me- sporting a bob 5 years ago}

I’ve loved short hairstyles since I was a kid. Growing up I hated my mom combing and “fixing” my long locks. I remember the look of despair on her face the first time I chopped it off. From there I would go through a cycle of trying different cuts, colours trying to find my favourite style. In university I went down to a pixie cut- which was cute but high maintenance for a student that couldn’t afford to go to the hairdresser for regular visits.  My cute pixie quickly turned into what I called the “Rod Stewart” due to my fine yet curly hair, hence the quest for long lengths followed. And now I cycle through the 5 year itch, with my hair long again for quite some time I’ve found myself looking at shorter styles again on Pinterst. While I’m still liking the longer hair, maybe I’ll change it up to something CRAZY like the centerpart that Gwyneth is rocking below.

Short Spring Hair 3


Short Spring Hair 2

















Short Spring Hair 4







Short Spring Hair 5



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