Swim Suits For Your Next Beach Vacation

Rottnest IslandAs exciting as the thought of packing for a warm weather vacation seems to any person in a northern climate in the middle of January, I think it’s safe to say that finding the right bathing suit fills any woman over the age of 30 with a bit of trepidation.  See~ we just went through the holidays, and try as we might to hit that New Years fitness goal- vacation and the date with the itsy bitsy bathing suit are looming.  The great news, one piece bathing suits are fully on trend these last few years and there are so many fun and sexy options compared to the standard issue Speedo of the 90’s.

The other trick I learned to feeling good on a short term beach vacation is invest in a spray tan a few days before you leave! Mine instantly made me feel confident (and skinnier) and lasted for about a week. I also found that this Gingham Bikini with flutter sleeves, gave me the illusion of coverage and I loved that it could be worn on or off shoulder and it was only $12 for the top! Mix and match options are also a great way to refresh a bathing suit where say you love the bottoms but just want something fun or new on top.

Swim Suits for Beach Vacations


Rottnest Island

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