Why I will never have a wedding registry…

martha blue


This weekend I went out and added to my kitchen appliance roster~ A Slow Cooker. For years I’ve avoided it as I went out and handpicked what I thought were more “interesting” kitchen gadgets and now as a final touch a slow cooker has entered my life. The first recipe to be tried was beef short-ribs in a tangy southern sauce.  Over the years I’ve accumulated many of the go-to household items you’d find on a wedding registry and I made a promise to friends and family long ago, IF I ever got married, there would be no registry (and plus I’m too damn old, how the heck would I cook all these years? lol). As you see I’m a bit of an unconventional anti-bride type, so when the time comes and if you feel so inclined, cowboy boots or hunting gear would be a great substitute đŸ™‚


Crystal Cattle

We registered and I love all my Pottery Barn stuff but the semen tank we got and having our stock trailer acid washed and new signage put on it were two of our favorite gifts.


Love the unconventional gifts, I think people need to do more of that, because they will get way more use out of it than a pizza wheel or bread machine. My question is how do you put that on your registry? Is it rude to ask for things? I have no clue when it comes to that stuff!


Seeing that I am getting married this July, it is my 2nd (first time eloped so never did the whole thing) and I am almost 35 the whole registry deal has been the most confusing part of planning. We are doing one but it is a bit more unconventional than the norm.


I agree Danielle, I think people coming to the wedding like the registry because it gives structure around what they can get you. That being said I know what you mean about it becoming more confusing as you get older (I’m in my 30’s and he’s in his 40’s) so you’ve pretty much accumulated all the household items you need. That being said, you can always upgrade or go down a more unconventional path too, I guess I’ll have to figure it out if I ever get there đŸ˜‰

anna marie

since we already had everything we need, we registered for Home Depot gift cards.. people can buy online, mail/transport easy, and they never expire. now we’ve built over half of our guest cabin on gift cards!

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