Wild Game Charcuterie Board

Wild Game Charcuterie

Mustard Melons | Fig & Rosemary Jam | Smoked Duck Breast | Pickled Carrots

Last weekend I decided a charcuterie board was necessary for Superbowl festivities. Scanning the contents of the fridge and pantry, I already had some spicy deer sausage, bison pepperoni and  pickled carrots, I figured might as well make it a Wild Game Meat platter. So I headed off to Granary Road and grabbed some fresh parmesan baguette at Loft Bakery to make crostini with. I slice it up and sprinkle some olive oil on a cookie sheet in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.

Then headed over to CRMR Kitchen at the Urban Butcher to grab some of their delicious smoked duck and a jar of mustard melons, which is an amazing combination of cantaloupe with mustard and vinegar. And finally the cheese! For this charcuterie with the flavours, I decided a creamy Brie, a mild Gorgonzola and a Spicy Apple & Ginger Goat Cheese would compliment the game meats. And it was a big hit, I can’t say there was much left standing once we dug in! I also think a charcuterie board like this might be a nice treat for your Valentine with some wine if you’re looking to do something special. Don’t feel like wild game? No problem, just substitute out with regular smoked and cured meats, or fish. Making a meal out of it? Just heap on some more veggies and dips, it’s all about balance!

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