A Tomboy’s Beauty Routine

I realized I’ve never done a beauty/makeup or hair post on the blog and there’s good reason for that. I see lots of bloggers doing video tutorials on the perfect ponytail or cat eye makeup and I promise I will never subject you to “my” version of a tutorial unless I think everyone needs a good laugh. As much as I love fashion, I really lack on the beauty and upkeep side of things. I stare in amazement at the Pinterst hairstyles and when I try to do it, I’m totally inept. I really would like to do a swap with a girly, girly for a weekend because I think I could learn a thing or two… like how to apply nail polish without painting up to my knuckle.

So here’s my Tomboy Beauty Routine below. This is my daily staple of beauty products I’ve tried and liked on a day-to-day basis that work for the office, or on the weekend and don’t irritate even the most sensitive skin! I can’t promise my nails will be painted or hair curled, but a Beauty Balm that is a 10 in 1 pretty much gives even the laziest tomboy (me) a fighting chance at looking like  half an effort was put in.


1. I love this 10 in 1- Illuminating Beauty Balm from Stila. For someone who hates lots of steps and   products, this has it all! Sunscreen, age-defying and oil free it even adds a touch of shimmer.

2. Anti-Blemish Concealer- My sensitive, oily combo skin needs this in case of outbreak emergency. I find I think the one from Almay best.

3, 4, 5, 6- All about eyes! Probably the one makeup product I do like is different eyeshadows. For a great neutral and natural look I use a light bone shade as a highlighter, then followed by a darker champagne/peach tone and espresso as per this handy Pinterest (where to apply guide)


7. I have been a fan of mineral based makeup for years. I love this mineral veil as a finishing powder to set my makeup for the day.

8. For my pasty winter blah’s I also find I need a hint of blush

9. I started using an eyelash primer years ago and never looked back. I feel it gives my lashes volume in addition to protecting them and keeping them healthier. Washing off mascara at night is also a lot easier than when I just put a few layers of mascara on.

10. And the one thing this tomboy won’t leave the house without, is mascara. My favourite at the moment is Clinique’s High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara.


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